Aider is a digital service for trustees and their principals


At Aider I was in charge of the overall design process. I helped define, design, build and launch our services as well as our design system. See the project live at

  • Interface design for web and native
  • Defining product capabilities based on user feedback and business objectives
  • Defining, building and maintaining our design system
  • Front-end development in React and React Native
  • Implementation of user acquisition strategies
A picture of the Aider App

So, what's Aider?


In Sweden alone, more than 200 000 people are having trouble managing their finances. Primarily because of long-term illnesses, old age, or other impairments. Aider makes it less cumbersome for trustees to support those in need.

Government-appointed trustees are required by law to account for their work. The government are in turn required to review each trustee in order to detect potential foul play. For trustees, this means a lot of administration by pen and paper.

Aider is a tool that helps trustees cut down administration so that they can focus on doing what they're supposed to do, look after the people that need their help.


Getting started with prototypes


Early in the project, we set out to bring clarity to what it means to be a trustee. It's quite a complicated system that we weren't really familiar with. We sketched out a proposed user journey that we later prototyped and tested with our users. The learnings from our prototypes were then used to define our first minimum viable product.


Starting out from nothing you know you're going to have to pivot a lot. Our first prototype were used to test the assumption that our target audience, primarily people with little to no experience with digital products, would find Aider intuitive.

Focusing on the core features of our product we released our first prototype to a bunch of test users to gather feedback. A couple of iterations later we had a pretty good sense of what would work and what wouldn't. From there, we put our findings into our MVP and released Aider to a wider audience.


Our web and native apps


Aider consists of two native apps as well as a web app. The apps share a lot of similarities but have their own unique use cases. In our web app, users can create reports and get an overview of their work. Our native apps are designed to work as an on-the-go assistant, making sure that the information you need is always available. In short, Aider gives trustees a range of tools that makes their work more efficient.

Communication in Aider
  • Accounting with bank integrations
  • Diary for documentation
  • Encrypted messaging with government employees
  • Report generation
  • Statistics and oversight
Accounting in Aider

Our design system


Consisting of both a website, a web app, and native apps it's hard to keep things consistent, especially in development. In order to make sure that our services stayed consistent and familiar to our users, we created a design system and a component library. Check out or live components in Storybook.




I'm proud to say that Aider is now used by trustees all over Sweden and that we have a lot of engaged users that wants to be a part of making Aider even better.

Personally, it was a great experience having been part of all stages of product development, from our first user journey map to launch. We recently launched a new version of Aider with a set of new features that we believe will make the lives of trustees even better. Have a look for yourself at